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All strata lots are connected to power either by individual master meters or sub-meters through a main master meter. The owner or their property agent should be able to inform you of what type of connection is applicable.

Sub-metered properties

In this case the strata company is billed by the energy retailer and the strata company reads the sub-meters and generates invoices for power consumption, etc. to recover its costs. You do not need to contact an energy retailer to connect the power to the strata lot.

Power for sub-metered properties is usually distributed through electrical cupboards which often also house the sub-meters. Access to these cupboards is restricted qualified personnel due to high risk of injury from the high voltages that run through them. Please contact us for further information if your electrician requires access to an electrical cupboard.

Individual master meters

In this setup, the energy retailer owns the meters, reads them and bills you direct. There is no involvement of the strata company. You will need to contact an energy retailer to set up an account and arrange for the power to be connected.

Moving in

Important: Western Power will disconnect the meter from the supply if a. You will need to contact your energy retailer and ask them to arrange for the power to be re-connected. They will issue a work order to Western Power who will then re-connect the power. This usually takes 1-3 business days or 5-6 days in regional areas. You should also contact your energy retailer if your premises requires life support equipment.

Synergy connections 13 13 53




Similar to power connections in that there can be Individual master meters and Sub-meters but it is not unusual for a strata property to only have one master meter i.e. no sub-meters. There can also be a mix where parts of the property have strata lots connected to sub-meters and others are not i.e. are supplied by a common meter but this is unusual. 

The owner or their property agent should be able to inform you of what type of connection is applicable and how water is billed for consumption, if at all.

It is important to ensure that you are aware of any isolation valves associated with your lot. This is particularly important when a major leak occurs or a plumber is required to undertake maintenance works.


Also, refer to the section on flexible hoses to ensure you take precautions to prevent a major flooding event.


Connections are the same as for water.

Typical gas connections for larger properties where the only gas use is for cooking are that there are no sub-meters. Strata company billing for gas consumption for cooking use only do not usually make economic sense when the costs of regularly reading the sub-meters is considered.

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