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Emergency Assistance

Emergency Services call 000

Fire, Ambulance, Police

Fire call 000

Many buildings are fitted with alarms monitored by the fire brigade to provide rapid response. If you are not sure if your building has a monitored alarm call 000 as soon as can safely do so to ensure that the fire brigade will attend.

Mobility issues? - In case of a fire, lifts will not be usable. You can register your situation with FESA so that they can attend to your evacuation in an emergency.

Police assistance call 131 444

Excessive noise, threatening behaviour, theft, break and enter

Power faults

Check other units nearby and lights in your local neighborhood

Power outage affecting the local neighborhood

- Check the Western Power faults web site to see if there is any information on the fault

- if fault is not listed or you do not have internet access call Western Power 131 351

Power outage affecting more than your unit

- Call Strata Asset Services for assistance

Power outage affecting your unit only

- Check the circuit breakers (fuse box) for your unit and turn on any switches that are off

- if the fault occurred as a result of an appliance being turned on unplug the appliance first and have the appliance checked before using it again. Note: continued use of a faulty appliance may cause the power to fail in the main switch board requiring a strata electrician to attend and you may incur the cost 

- if all the switches are on and you still do not have power call Strata Asset Services for assistance

Gas faults

Gas leaks - Urgently call Alinta Gas fault line 131 358

Gas outage affecting more than one unit

- Call Strata Asset Services for assistance

Gas outage affecting your unit only

- Check your account is not in arrears

- Call Alinta Gas fault line 131 358

- if the gas has been turned off at the meter then call Strata Asset Services for assistance

Water faults

Water Corporation

131 375

Water supply faults

Locked yourself out of your unit?

Strata Asset Services does not hold any keys to any units.

Should you find yourself locked out of your unit try contacting someone that has a spare key (family member, friend or Real Estate Agent) otherwise you will need to arrange for a locksmith to open the door for you. Locksmiths will charge you a fee for this service. You will need to provide proof of identity.

24 hour locksmith services

- Swan Locks 9328 3141

- Diamond Lock & Key 9344 1965

Report to Strata Asset Services

Please report any emergencies or major faults to us once it is safe to do so. We may need to take follow up action such as informing the insurer, arranging emergency repairs, obtaining CCTV recordings, etc. Where an event renders one or more units uninhabitable the strata company insurance policy may respond with temporary accommodation and other costs (depending on the type of event and the policy cover selected). 

Common Property Faults

For common property faults requiring our urgent attention outside of our office hours please call mobile number 0408 399 056  (DO NOT SMS). Please note that whilst we make every attempt to respond quickly this service is NOT monitored 24 hours a day so you may experience a delay in response. Where numerous calls are made for the same problem we may not respond to all callers.

You may need to leave a voice message. If so please state your name, contact phone number, property address, unit number, and nature of problem which may be responded to at the sole discretion of the duty manager.

Please call our office during normal office hours if your issue can be dealt with in that manner. The after hours service is for urgent issues only and the phone should be kept free so that urgent issues can be addressed quickly.

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