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Brief Overview

Strata Titles in WA provide a very flexible environment for the creation of multiple land ownership on a single land title.

Most strata schemes are two lot to five lot schemes but strata schemes can consist of hundreds of lots and consist of different competing uses.

The flexibility of Strata Titles has lead to an incredible variety of strata schemes from which buyers and investors can choose but has also lead to increased difficulty for developers, owner-occupiers, investors and tenants experience in navigating through the rules and regulations to achieve their goals.

Our aim is to make your life as simple as possible by delivering ethical and trusted services, guidance and information that can be relied on by all stakeholders to facilitate the harmonious use of the property and the preservation or increase in investment.

To achieve this we employ experienced, efficient and friendly staff, we have developed extensive control systems and pride ourselves on our level of education and extensive leadership role in the industry.

We are a family business that enjoys the many challenges and rewards that the strata industry has to offer, have a clear understanding of our role as service providers and we treat our clients with the respect they deserve.

We hope you find our web site useful

How to use our web site

We have designed our web site to be relevant to the various stakeholders we deal with. Each stakeholder category contains a number of different menu options based on the most common requests we receive, etc. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for easily.

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