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Management Services

What we will do for you - Standard Services
Statutory Strata Company Functions
  • Convene, attend and minute the Annual General Meeting.

  • Distribute a copy of the minutes of the . to all owners

  • Maintain roll of owners

  • Preparation of annual accounts.

  • Preparation of annual budget.

  • Maintain statutory insurance.

  • Raising, collecting and banking levies of the Strata Company.

  • Invoicing, collecting and banking any other monies due to the Strata Company.

  • Payment of accounts payable by the Strata Company.

  • Assist the Strata Company to meet the requirements of relevant sections of the Strata Titles Act.

  • Prepare Section 43 certificates in accordance with the Act.

Day to day administration
  • Assist and advise Council of Owners in enforcement of by-laws.

  • Provide reasonable assistance and advice to the Strata Council when requested.

  • Process Insurance Claims

  • Maintaining any other appropriate administrative and accounting records

  • Payment by Cash, Cheque or BPAY

Day to day upkeep assistance including
  • Arrange for cleaning of Common Property pedestrian and car park areas

  • Arrange for tending to landscaped areas, lawns and trees on Common Property.

  • Arranging for general repairs and maintenance to the Common Property.

What we can do for you - Non Standard Services

As directed by the Strata Company.

Common Area maintenance assistance including
  • Arranging for major repairs and maintenance, and refurbishments.

  • Repairs to lighting.

  • Fire fighting equipment maintenance and inspections.

  • Mechanical, electrical and building services maintenance.

  • Down pipe and drain maintenance.

  • Pest control.

Other assistance
  • Convene, attend and minute Extraordinary General Meetings.

  • Distribute a copy of the minutes of Extraordinary General Meetings to all owners.

  • Convene, attend and minute Council of Owners Meetings.

  • Assist in the preparation of changes to by-laws.

  • Erect signs and notices as required.

  • Maintain caretaker records (wages, etc.).

  • Keep log of security keys and cards.

  • Arrange for the removal of waste from Common Property.

  • Liaise with local authorities on matters regarding Common Property.

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