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Strata Titles Act Reforms

31 May 2018

The Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 and Community Titles Bill 2018 look set to be ready to be introduced into the WA Parliament as early as June. Both Bills are eagerly anticipated and mark a significant step forward in not just addressing some of the short-comings of the existing Strata Titles Act but also introduce new forms of land titles that will open up development opportunities on land that is currently unavailable for strata titles. Community Titles will allow for strata style coordinated development and coherent management of multi-story buildings as well as large scale multi-stage developments.

Water Corporation Metering for Multi-Residential

31 May 2018


Released by Strata Community Association WA

The Water Corporation is committed to providing excellent customer experiences and service outcomes to enhance its reputation as a trusted and credible organisation.

We currently provide several existing methods for multi-residential developments* to have their water service supplied. Typically, this can be either one of the following, or a combination of:

  • A master meter which then serves each unit without any private sub-meters

  • A master meter which then serves each unit with private sub-meters

  • A master meter which then serves each unit with Water Corporation installed sub-meters

To provide a better outcome for our customers and the Corporation we intend to streamline and standardise these servicing options. This will provide a consistent method of serving strata titled and green titled lots. Therefore, from 1 July 2018, we propose to remove the option of multi-residential developments from being able to supply their own private sub-meters. Instead, we will supply and install our own sub-meters.

Click here for the presentation that provides more information on this change.

The Water Corporate values your feedback and are happy to provide any information you require. Should you have any questions about this change, please contact:

Dean Campbell on 9420 2312 OR

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