We provide secure access to a variety of strata company information to our client owners and strata council members through our software provider Rockend. This information is drawn from our live data so that you can view up to date information.

Owners can view their own account details plus a variety of financial reports. Please note that reports are compiled as PDF documents and downloaded to your computer. This process can take a few minutes for each report.

Strata council members can view their own account details plus an enhanced variety of financial reports.

Temporary Reporting Problem
The Web Access portal is currently unstable due to technical issues which are in the process of being resolved. The exact cause of the problem is proving difficult to identify due to the technical complexity of our IT infrastructure.

If you are unable to access your reports, please either try again later or contact our office for assistance.

The information provided through Web Access is kept up to date and generally reflects the most recent information available. There are some circumstances that arise through software design or malfunction or errors in information provided to us or error on our part that may render this information incorrect. If you need to rely on the information  to provide to others we strongly recommend that you contact our office to obtain the information you are seeking. We take no responsibility for the reliance on information provided through Web Access by yourself or to third parties that have been provided with information obtained through Web Access.

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If you do not agree you can contact our office and obtain information through the usual channels.



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