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Why put your brand at risk?

We believe that the success of a project not only depends on the quality of the built form but also the measures that are put in place to preserve the integrity of the project and to promote long term harmony between stake holders.

Developers spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort and money through all the different stages of the development cycle to ensure that they can deliver products that the market demands. Why put all that investment into building quality products only to have the post-sale experience for the buyers not support the per-sale effort? Happy investors become loyal customers.

We offer a range of services for the development of community titled projects that aim to not only fulfill the statutory requirements of the Strata Titles Act but also aim to enhance the appeal of the project and increase the livability of the completed project.

We have experience in the development and management of a wide variety of projects including small lot schemes, large residential, estates, retail, commercial, resorts, industrial, rural, mixed use schemes, and multi strata schemes with shared common facilities.

Our management experiences combined with our experience in the building industry allows us to provide valuable input into the design of the development. Avoiding potential problems at this early stage  can help to avoid purchasers experiencing early teething problems and reducing any costly post construction building modifications.

We aim to work with developers and their agents to provide clear and accurate sales documents to purchasers. Good quality sales documents become the basis for resolving disputes both before and after settlement.

    Management Statements
    Sales Documents
    Statutory First Annual General Meeting
    Strata Company records set up

We can assist in the drafting of strata company Management Statements (otherwise known as by-laws or Form 25) which are relevant to the development, reflect the developers vision for the project, and provide a framework of rules which are clear, easily understood and thereby promote harmonious relations between occupiers. We believe that the after sales experience in relation to the operation of the strata company add goodwill towards the developerís brand and assist in generating repeat sales.

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